Hopping Frog

I know a frog who loves to hop

always to the IHOP

He got stepped on by a boot

Dead he was to the root

I knew a Frog who loved to hop

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It never is
What you think is there
Don’t deceive yourself little one
For in the shadows lie things
Incomprehensible things.

It never was
What did you think was there?
Your mind is playing tricks on you little one
What you thought was there
Alas, Its long gone.

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Mr Preacher

He stares, observing waiting for the right moment to drop his words on you.

You barely see it coming, now you’re trapped in a conversation.

He blocks all exits, you’re trapped now in his mind.

Your input doesn’t matter now, his views on screens all around you.

You panic!

Agree and be let out or try to force your opinion and be sucked further in.

Suddenly there’s a flicker of light you run towards it.

You say your goodbyes quickly as you stumble away.

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Empty Shell

He’s but an abstract

Standing there staring into his future

His lit smile, after that codeine, making him so lean

It makes him feel seen.

Convening, demeaning himself in a scene

Somebody shouts it’s all a smokescreen

Behind it, there’s a vaccine

It’s concealed he’s blinded by the obscene

He’s but an abstract

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We wish we could all live in a world;

Where people want to help each other.

Care for each other.

That’s a dream we’ve yet to reach

Trying to grasp why?

But we know why

As much as we want to ignore it

We caused it, we do it every day

It’s easier to talk about it and blame it on others.

We love to see some fail, It’s easier than helping

Who wants to see someone above them

Maybe it’s just in our nature

“Survival of the fittest” I’m told.